Foxcare Silicone emulsion T 22 Grade 35kg

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  • General surface polishing like Plastic, Leather, Rubber, Vinyl Surfaces
  • Easy to dilute with water
  • Super thick formulation, high active content
  • Apply directly on the surface, spread and wipe with cloth or applicator


About Silicone Emulsion:

Silicone Emulsions are basically non-toxic heat stable products that are created when silicone oil spreads in liquids with the assistance of surfactants. They are used in industries that benefit from its physical properties such as water repellency, heat stability, and high resistance to UV rays.

Silicone Emulsions also happen to be safe alternatives for organic solvents as they tend to meet most safety, health and environmental regulations.

Silicone Emulsions provide a range of pH options, active levels, and physical properties that make it possible to modify the material to your intended purpose which is one of the many reasons why it is being extensively used in the auto care industry.

Acts as a general surface polish for vehicle interiors. It is recommended for the vehicle's interior plastic, leather, vinyl and rubber components.

The Foxcare Silicone Emulsion can be used across multiple surfaces such as those made of plastics, leathers, vinyl or rubber. The Foxcare Silicone Emulsion would work wonderfully well on gym equipment such as gym plates/ dumbles made of rubber or plastic, floor mats made of rubber, gym rods with fiber grips, leather 'waist support' belts, treadmill's rubber belt and many other components.
To use the Foxcare Silicone Emulsion on a vehicle's interior plastic components, pour a couple of drops of Silicone Emulsion onto the Foxcare Foam Applicator and evenly apply it on its surface.

Foxcare Silicone Emulsion helps maintain the supple texture of vehicle dashboards whilst providing them with a light shine.

Undoubtedly the best dresser for rubber components. Using the Foxcare Silicone Emulsion will enhance its life and will prevent them from cracking or withering.

The Foxcare Silicone Emulsion acts as a wonderful dresser for leather component of your vehicle's interior. Whether its leather seats, leather armrests or any leather components, using the FoxcareSilicone Emulsion will help you in protecting them and preventing them from cracking.
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Foxcare Silicone emulsion T 22 Grade 35kg
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