Our Mission
"Best Quality Products along with affordable prices, Making Honest Products with Honest Demonstrations and building a community of people that would love and feel pride to use Foxcare Automotive care products"
When it comes to Car Wash and Detailing Supplies, you're just at the right place!
For detailers, hobbyists, and car care enthusiasts everywhere, FOXCARE.IN is your One-Stop Site for all your car wash and auto detailing needs. We are your number one partner in your entire car care source for auto detailing supplies, best car polishes, and waxes, high-quality tire dressings, car care products. Whether you're detailing your car for a show or detailing for fun, you'll find the best car care products to bring out the perfect finish on your car, truck, SUV, RV, or motorcycle.
Products we offer at FOXCARE includes:
Car Wash Shampoo
Car Polish
Carnauba Liquid wax
Dashboard Polish
Car cleaning kit
Car Interior kit
Car Exterior cleaning kit
Air freshener's
Car detailing products
Bike care Products
Tyre care products
Home care product
    Foxcare is your on-line store that offers a broad line of high-quality chemicals such as Interior cleaners , wheel cleaners, Glass cleaners , car wash shampoos, and even home care concentrated products. You can order our products from home and get the auto care products delivered at your doorstep.
    Foxcare Auto care has everything you need for care/bike/home cleaning. Our complete line of car cleaning chemicals, compound and wax products, to various cleaning chemicals can also be bought here and are readily available for trouble-free shopping. The company knows what everyone in the car cleaning industry needs because of our immeasurable experience with this business.
    Our product line is the result of extensive formulating, testing, trial, and manufacture through the custom blending of the finest ingredients available coupled with a handcrafted methodology to achieve a superior level of quality and dependability time after time.
    Foxcare reduces the complexity of product choices by synthesizing a fully integrated product line to enable you to easily and consistently maintain the beauty and appearance of your car with modest effort and superb results. The bar of product excellence and performance has been raised to a new standard.
    Experience Foxcare, Preeminent Polishes & Cleaners.
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