Foxcare Wash + Wax - Auto wash Shampoo (500 ML)

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Foxcare have engineered the first wash & wax shampoo that saves your time, cleans your car and gives waxed shine to it. Wash & Wax protects paint from swirls, removes dirt and scratches in one easy step. A single wash enhance the gloss and delivers the shine with protection of carnauba wax.

 Steps of Application:

  1. Add 40ml-50ml Foxcare wash & wax shampoo to 1 Liter water in clean bucket/foam gun
  2. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly to remove any grit that could Scratch paint surface.
  3. Apply diluted solution on to vehicle by wash sponge or foam gun.
  4. Scrub and Wash using appropriate brushes and clean sponge/microfiber towel.
  5. Buff the area dry with another clean microfiber towel to reveal a high gloss shine. 
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Foxcare Wash + Wax - Auto wash Shampoo (500 ML)
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