Foxcare Graphene Ceramic Car Shampoo - Foam Car Wash - Adds Hydrophobic Protection With Every Wash

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Extend the finish of your car wax & sealants with FOXCARE Graphene Wash. Low-grade degreasers and car wash use harsh chemicals that strip protective wax and leave your vehicle's surface exposed to the elements. Our advanced formula is tough on the dirt and grime, and gentle on your paintwork and wax and sealants. Foaming bubbles efficiently wash away dirt, grime, droppings, and filth while still maintaining your car's topmost protective layer. Our pH-balanced car wash shampoo rinses clean with no residue or spots, leaving your car squeaky clean. Benefits: - Easily removes road grime and film - Helps maintain & rejuvenate SiO2 and graphene ceramic coatings - Leaves a streak-free finish- Enhances shine and gloss Features: - Contains graphene oxide ceramic resins - Can be used to clean any car, truck, motorcycle, or RV- Safe for all exterior automotive surfaces Direction for use with a wash bucket 1. You will need two buckets: one for washing and another for rinsing 2. Add Graphene Shampoo to water to the wash bucket along with a wash pad, mitt, or sponge 3. Work from the top of your car to the bottom in small sections 4. Periodically dunk the cloth in the bucket in the rinse bucket before dunking it back into your wash bucket to make sure the cloth is free of dirt 5. Rinse off thoroughly 6. Dry using a microfiber towel to avoid water spots.
  • PH BALANCED SHAMPOO: Foxcare Ceramic Car Shampoo is super Hydrophobic & SiO2 create a durable barrier for both coated and uncoated cars that boosts water beading and sheeting, saving time while drying. We infused Sio2 Ceramic ingredients to add protection while washing!
  • DESIGNED TO CLEAN AND CONDITION CERAMIC COATED VEHICLES: Unlike traditional Car Shampoos, Ceramic Shampoo was designed specifically for the special needs of Ceramic Coatings. Enriched with Ceramic ingredients to work in conjunction with any Ceramic Coating! Also safe for use on any wax or paint sealant surfaces!
  • HIGH LUBRICITY FORMULA: Our formula was blended with advanced lubricant that doesn’t harm coated, waxed or sealed surfaces. This high foaming, ultra-slick PH neutral formula helps prevent wash induced marring!
  • GENTLY CLEANS AND REMOVES CONTAMINANTS: Advanced cleaning formula gently remove road grimes and contaminants without harming the surface. Our formula rinses clean without leaving water spots.
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Foxcare Graphene Ceramic Car Shampoo - Foam Car Wash - Adds Hydrophobic Protection With Every Wash
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